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Article: The Beauty of Irani Chadar: History and Usage

Irani Chaddar

The Beauty of Irani Chadar: History and Usage

The History and Origins of the Irani Chadar

The term ‘chadar’ comes from the Persian or Farsi language that is spoken in Muslim countries. It is the official language of Iran.

Chadar is an outerwear piece of clothing for Muslim women. In Iran, women have worn a chadar in public for a long time. Hence, the term ‘Irani chadar’.

The chadar is a loose piece of clothing that covers the whole body except for the face. A distinctive feature of a chadar is that it is open from the front, down the cloth.

There are no hand openings; it hangs over the body and the arms. However, it can be held closed by the hands or by the ends around the waist area. Some women also cover their faces with the chaddar, although it is not part of it.

Simply put, a chadar is a long-length garment that is open down the front. It can be closed from the front side - by wrapping it around or with the help of an accessory such as a pin.

If we compare it to another piece of clothing, it can be said that the Irani chadar is most similar to a cloak.

Cultural and Religious Significance of an Irani Chadar

An Irani chadar exudes modesty and is the epitome of religious clothing.

It is a cultural attire that is commonly and largely worn by Iranian women. However, due to its religious aspects and being a modest piece of clothing, Irani chadar is also a part of women’s clothing in other Muslim-majority countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Uzbekistan. 

Irani chadar is available in different sizes, colors, and fabrics – making it a popular, religious attire around the world. There are also printed chadars sold by different retail shops in Muslim-based countries. 

Is Irani Chadar the Same as a ‘Burqa/Abaya’?

There is a difference between the Burqa and Irani chadar. The burqa is derived from the Arab countries and is a loose-fitted piece of clothing that hides the body, head, and face. This can be one garment or a combination of multiple clothing items such as an abaya and niqab. Though both are worn as religious items of clothing, the burqa has more religious importance as compared to a chadar.

On the other hand, Irani chadar is Persian clothing, which covers the hair and body. It can be worn over an abaya – a significant part of the burqa or other pieces of women’s clothing.

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