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About Us

Vohra and Saigol opened their doors in 2012 in the city of gardens, Lahore. Well known for their competence in trade since the times of the Sub-Continent, the brand name “Vohra” and “Saigol” are the maternal and paternal castes of the founders of the company.

Over the years, the brand has remained faithful to its five core values, namely: customer service, quality, commitment, honesty, and teamwork. These values create the contours of the brand in its in-store and online services. By fostering a close customer relationship, Vohra and Saigol continue to develop high-quality trends that respond to the changing needs of the fashion industry. The brand’s women’s, men’s and jewelry collections are the epitome of the heritage and the various cultures of Pakistan

Who we are?

Vohra & Saigol is a premium lifestyle brand; offering ‘defining’ refinement to those who appreciate timeless elegance. It is a one of its kind fashion retail studio that brings together the richness of multiple cultures under one roof. A brand that started off as a jewelry house in the heart of Lahore has turned itself into a leading apparels’ retailer.


"V&S GOLD JEWELLERS" (Reflection of
timeless beauty)

Embellishing our clientele with the most elegant and exquisite Silver, Gold and Diamond Jewellery collection from around the world.

RABAYA” by Vohra & Saigol (My Promise; My Expression)

RABAYA is a modest clothing line that promises premium finished Abayas and other modest dresses. Rabaya has stateof-the-art technology and highly skilled professionals to produce top quality products. This provides RABAYA a strong competitive edge in the International market including UAE, Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries. Our collection includes plain as well as Abayas with beautiful embellishments including hand embroidery, machine embroidery, stone work and other creative design works. Rabaya feels privileged in providing Thermal pressed OEKO-TEX tested fabrics that are soft, bacteria and reaction free along with breathable experience.

FEME” by Vohra & Saigol (Modesty is my virtue)

FEME offers an absolute range of modest women pret. It provides customers with a one-stop solution to their fashion and lifestyle needs, particularly appealing to students and working women. To stand through rough washes; all our graceful dresses are made with exceptional fabrics using a single needle stitching technique with up to 19 stitches per inch

MEN” by Vohra & Saigol (A CLASS APART)

It’s the seams, the craftsmanship, the smooth weave, and the straight lines; it’s the touch of the finest fabric against your skin.

V&S MEN is a complete solution to a modernized wardrobe. “MEN” Specializes in Formal clothing; focusing on each outfit’s cut, pattern and finishing make our team’s efforts and skills into creating an emotional connection with your desires