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Article: 5 Summer Color Dress Shirts that You Should Have in Your Wardrobe

Summer Dress Shirts for Men
Men's Dress Shirts

5 Summer Color Dress Shirts that You Should Have in Your Wardrobe

When you think of summer dress shirts, one picture of light colors and breathable quality fabrics that look natural and feel comfortable. To beat the heat and to look your best, choose men's dress shirts for sale, whether it is for daily wear or formal occasions. 


Classic White Shirt

White is a timeless color and the number 1 choice for men’s dress shirts because it goes with any outfit. Whether you’re wearing it with formal trousers or casual jeans, white serves an effortless look with a fresh and crisp appearance. It is a suitable choice for the warmer months when you want to feel cool and look well put together. White dress shirts are also versatile which is why they have never gone out of style!

Cream Pink/Peach Shirt 

A classic fit cream pink//peach shirt in the daytime is the perfect choice – whether you are going for a casual lunch or to work. This color is a must-have summer color and you can shop for men’s dress shirts online on Vohra and Saigol.

Light Blue Shirt

This color provides a touch of color but still looks natural making it an appropriate choice for formal and casual occasions. You can pair a light blue shirt with white jeans and sneakers or with navy trousers and brown shoes for a more formal look. 

Light Green Shirt 

Another vibrant color, that looks lively where you go. Wear green color shirts to your formal gatherings – this color definitely makes you stand out from the crowd!

Bright Yellow Shirt

The statement summer color – you can never go wrong with a yellow dress shirt. Best suited for daytime events and plans, wear a yellow dress shirt with jeans or white trousers with sunglasses. 

Shop from our men's collection of summer solid dress shirt colors with premium quality fabrics and fits that make you look your best at any type of occasion or gathering!

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