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Article: Dressing Sharp: How to Buy Formal Shirts for Men Online

Formal Shirts For Men

Dressing Sharp: How to Buy Formal Shirts for Men Online

Men’s formal shirts include dress shirts that are commonly worn on different occasions and come in different colors and fabrics. Dress shirts are a staple item in men’s clothing that can be styled in different ways. If you are on the hunt for the perfect dress shirt, then we are here to help you!

Men’s formal shirts are a broad term that includes dress shirts which are typically worn in solid colors and come in different types of material. These give a formal look which is why they are well-paired with suit jackets and tuxedos etc. for important occasions. Waistcoats are also worn over formal shirts for a complete, classy look.

In this blog, we will discuss all men’s formal shirts, what are the different types of dress shirts and where can you shop men’s dress shirts online!



There are two distinctive kinds of dress shirts:

Button-down shirt

A popular choice; a button-down shirt comes with a button-down collar which has the ends secured to the shirt with the help of the buttons.

Button-up shirt

A button-up shirt comes with a full-length opening at the front which is secured using buttons or in some cases, shirt studs.  


Now coming on to the type of dress shirts that you can choose from:


Dress shirts come in several materials or fabrics such as cotton, silk, linen chambray, etc. The look and feel and the price vary with the type of fabric that you choose.


There are different types of fits when it comes to dress shirts, including classic fit, slim fit, and custom fit. You can find these at any Vohra and Saigol shop.


Find the best men’s dress shirts for sale at Vohra and Saigol. Shop from a variety of finest quality shirts, available in different colors and patterns.

For men’s dress shirts in Lahore, you can shop at our DHA outlet, Packages Mall, Emporium Mall, Fortress Square Mall branches, or online at our website.

For men’s dress shirts in Karachi, you can shop at Zamzama Flagship Store, Dolmen Mall, Lucky One Mall, or online at our website.

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