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Article: Tech Meets Tradition: How Easy Ihram Online Ordering Helps for Your Umrah?

Easy Ihram For Men
Ihram for Men

Tech Meets Tradition: How Easy Ihram Online Ordering Helps for Your Umrah?

With the advancement of technology, you can order almost anything online, thanks to online shopping on retail websites. This includes shopping for Hajj and Ihram essentials, from the comfort of your home. 

For both Hajj and Umrah, you need to be in a state of ihram which includes wearing specific clothes for the journey. In this blog, we will talk about what is ihram and where you can find easy ihram online

Ihram for both men and women 

Ihram is not just restricted to dressing in a certain way and wearing specific clothing items but it is also about making the intention for the pilgrimage. It also involves abstaining from some things that are prohibited for the time being, just as one does during fasting.

Let’s discuss the difference in ihram for men and women. 

For men, you start by performing ghusl, cutting your nails, and trimming any hair on the face or body that is needed. Then the ihram is worn which consists of two pieces of cloth that cover the upper part and the lower part of the body separately. The upper garment is referred to as ‘Rida’ and the lower garment is termed as ‘Izar’. It is not allowed to wear any undergarments underneath the ihram so it is best to buy good quality, thick white garments that are long enough that cover you from top to bottom. 

For women, you start by performing ghusl, trimming hair, and cutting your nails. For clothing, an abaya is worn with a hijab which covers the full body except for the face. It is best to wear a plain abaya in black or white color– without any embellishments. 

Where can I shop ihram online?

You can shop EZ Ihram online from Vohra and Saigol. We have Hajj and Umrah Ihram for men which are of top quality and long enough to conceal the body well even in case of sweating etc. You can also find a wide range of all-season abayas, hijab, and hajj accessories to shop on our website.



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