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Article: When To Put On Ihram From Pakistan? Where Is Miqat From Pakistan?

When To Put On Ihram From Pakistan? Where Is Miqat From Pakistan?
Ihram for Men

When To Put On Ihram From Pakistan? Where Is Miqat From Pakistan?

Hajj season is around the corner and many people from around the world are preparing for Hajj – some for the first time. There are some essential points you need to know for performing the sacred journey of Hajj. Below we will talk about some important rituals for Ihram, where Miqat begins for the pilgrims traveling from Pakistan and where you can find the best ihram clothing for sale.


  • Make Niyat (Intention) for the pilgrimage
  • Perform Ghusl (cleansing and bathing your body)
  • Wear the clothing for Ihram. Ihram for men and women differ.
  • Pray 2 Rakats for Pilgrimage. 


If you are on a flight from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia, pilgrims pass Mīqat before reaching Jeddah. Miqat refers to a certain geographical boundary before the pilgrimage location. Travelers have to be in the state of Ihram as it is mandatory once the Miqat is reached. Pilgrims can wear the Ihram clothing and perform the rituals for it, before or at the time of entering the Miqat. Once a person arrives at the Miqat, he/she cannot remove the Ihram clothing until the pilgrimage is finished.

Miqat Qarn al-Manazil

It is also known as Al Sail Al Kabir. This Miqat is located 80 km northeast of Masjid al-Haram and 40 km from the city of Ta’if. It serves as a Miqat for people traveling from Pakistan, India, UAE, Australia, Malaysia and Singapore.

The ihram for Hajj and Umrah is the same, the only difference is the number of days as Hajj lasts over five to six days while Umrah can be completed within a few hours.


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