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Article: Your Guide to Wearing the Ihram for Hajj and Umrah in 2024

Ihram for Men

Your Guide to Wearing the Ihram for Hajj and Umrah in 2024

To simply put it, an Ihram for men consists of two pieces of white cloth. But it's actually much more than that. There is a spiritual significance behind it. One of the rituals of performing Hajj and Umrah is that you must enter it in the state of Ihram.

The main aspect of Ihram is the clothing. While we will get into the specifics of how to wear an Ihram below, let us discuss some basic differences between men's and women’s ihram. Men wear two pieces of white cloth that are not stitched – a part of their body is exposed during the pilgrimage. As for women’s Ihram clothing, this covers the whole body and the head must be concealed, except for the face and hands. During the pilgrimage, women are not allowed to cover their faces. 


While men’s Ihram clothing is fixed, a woman can wear abayas in different colors, although it is preferred to keep it as simple as possible. Moreover, one should keep the dressing modest, especially for women. Apart from clothing worn, there are several rules that must be followed by pilgrims during Hajj or Umrah, such as:

  • Men are not allowed to shave their heads, and beards or cut their nails till the end of their pilgrimage.
  • No fragrance should be worn by both men or women, including perfumes, scented soaps or aftershaves. 
  • Swearing and fighting are forbidden during the state of Ihram.
  • Women wearing Ihram clothing should avoid exposing any part of their body apart from their face and hands.
  • Women are not permitted to wear any make-up.


Before entering the state of Ihram, you should take care of your personal hygiene – do things such as shaving, clipping, cutting and trimming your hair, beard or nails and keeping yourself in a state of purity and cleanliness is highly recommended before beginning the journey. 

However, ghusl – spiritual purification that involves cleaning and bathing the entering the body is to be performed when getting ready for ihram and wearing the clothes. If ghusl cannot be performed for a certain reason, then wudu (ablution) must be done. This is followed after making the intention (Niyah) for Hajj or Umrah.

Once the ghusl is completed and both men and women are in a state of purity, they are to pray two rakahs of Salah al-Ihram. Here, you make the intention of entering the state of Ihram, which is done before crossing the boundary of Miqat – the site from which Ihram begins.

For the Hajj pilgrims, it is highly recommended to be prepared for Ihram before reaching the final destination. Many airlines and airports during the Hajj season offer facilities to get ready to begin the pilgrimage. 

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