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Article: Accessorizing Elegance: Silver Jewellery for Girls

Accessorizing Elegance: Silver Jewellery for Girls

Accessorizing Elegance: Silver Jewellery for Girls

Whether you are wearing eastern wear or a western outfit, you might need some accessories to elevate your look.

There is so much you can do with the right jewellery especially for girls’ fashion.  

In this blog, we will discuss the different types of jewellery for girls, type of occasions and outfits to be worn with and some fashion tips.



From pendants to rings to bracelets for girls, there are a lot of fashion accessories that can be worn at any type of occasion.

Pendants or necklaces are worn around the neck – these can be loose pieces or tight ones like choker necklaces. There are so many kinds of pendants with customizable options to stone drop pendants.

Earrings are definitely one of the most eye-catching accessory items. From daily wear to formal occasions, earrings can really improve the whole look.

Rings are not just for weddings – all the single ladies out there, whether from contemporary colorful stone rings to elegant, small rings you can wear

 Matching set of pendants rings or pendant and earring sets are one of the best creations out there. For those who are indecisive, you can always go for set of jewellery so there is no hassle in choosing!



A customized name pendant in silver is a simple jewelry item that can go well with a plain outfit or even a stylish outfit.

Drop dangler earrings, stone rings and pretty bracelets transform any boring outfit of yours. You can find these jewellery items at Vohra and Saigol.

While at the same time, if you are wearing a flashy outfit with lots of colors and patterns, then you may need to tone it down with some simple accessories such as a solid silver bracelet or pearl earrings or small hoops to complement the attire.

You can always layer your rings and necklaces for a trendy look. These can be in different shapes, designs and textures. However, too much of accessories can also ruin a good look. Try not to overdo your look!



A good pair of earrings can tie the whole look together especially on special occasions. There are so many options to choose from: party style drops danglers for events; for formal occasions you can always go for pearl drops or silver earrings; for trendy and casual hang outs you can always trust hoops to look good, in your choice of shape and size.

All of these versions of earrings are available at Vohra and Saigol.

 From traditional accessories to jewellery with intricate designs and luxury pieces, there is a piece of jewellery for every girl out there. Shop your favourite accessories at Vohra and Saigol!

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