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Article: Complete Your Look: Cufflinks for Men

Complete Your Look: Cufflinks for Men

Complete Your Look: Cufflinks for Men

What are Cufflinks and when were they invented?

While cufflinks have been around for a long time and a lot of people know and make use of it, there might be some people who do not know about this staple men’s accessories item!

Since the industrial revolution era, from the period of the mid-19th century, middle- and upper-class men wore cufflinks. The rise of industrial revolution led to the production of cufflinks for masses, with several types of cufflinks available in different prices and materials.

Cufflinks are a part of men’s jewelry that are used to fasten the cuffs of a dress shirt. Cufflinks for men provide a sophisticated and elegant touch - tying the whole look together.

 What type of shirt is worn with cufflinks?

To wear cufflinks properly, you need a wear a dress shirt or also referred to as a ‘cuff shirt’. This is a full sleeves shirt.

You can also wear a regular shirt as long as you make sure that your shirt has holes in the cuffs instead of only buttons.

For a more formal and unique look, a double cuff shirt which is a special shirt - also known as the ‘French cuff’, is a type of a dress shirt which is bigger in size from the sleeves area, in order to fold back itself, which is tighten with cufflinks.

 When are Cufflinks worn?

Cufflinks are typically a part of formal wear for men– be it at business events or weddings or other important occasions such as a formal dinner, anniversary, opera or similar events. They are traditionally worn with a full suit or with a blazer.

The best way to match the cufflinks and make it look like a complete part of the attire is to choose similar colors with your outfit or select such a color that really bring out the whole look.

For instance, for a black and white suit, you can always choose cufflinks of one of these colors or a combination of both. Or, you can go for a different shade such as blue or any dark color with some attractive design or pattern – nothing too flashy though!  

 Different types of Cufflinks

Cufflinks can be made from a range of different materials, such as stone, leather, glass, special stones - in different shapes and sizes.

However, high-end cufflinks are made with gold, silver and stainless steels. Fashion and designer cufflinks use these materials for a more long-lasting stylish look that is resistant. Gold cufflinks are regarded as the most pricey and finest choice for cufflinks. They are best suited for extremely formal places and occasions, especially paired with the classic black and white suit.

Stud or button style cufflinks are the ideal type of cufflinks to really secure the cuffs and give a nice look. There are commonly two cufflinks and four studs in a whole set of formal jewellery for men.

If you are wearing a watch, your cufflinks should not overpower the watch instead  it should complement it; you can match the colors to make it look nice!


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