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Article: Best Clothing Color Combinations for Men

Men's Suits & Jackets

Best Clothing Color Combinations for Men

When it comes to the summer season, there are a lot of color combinations that you can try out. below we have made a list of the best clothing color combinations to try for both Western and Eastern wear!



A classic color combo that never fails. Also known as monochrome, black and white clothing color combinations are essentials in every person’s wardrobe as a staple clothing item. This is a great pair for a casual day out or formal attire for a business event or wedding.

Whether it is a simple T-shirt and jeans, a dress shirt with pants, or even ethnic wear, black and white is versatile, chic, and classy.

Outfit Idea:

White dress shirt for men with black trousers



These two calm colors provide the best look for Western wear. Picture a blue shirt with white pants or shorts – perfect for the summer season! Or for a formal look, a 2-piece blue suit worn with a white dress shirt.

Outfit idea: 

Dark blue dress shirt paired with white trousers.



These earthy tones complement each other and create a stunning color combination. Although olive green is a highly underrated color, it is a smart choice for men!

For a fresh look, try out olive green this summer season and pair it with brown.

Outfit Idea:

Olive green shalwar kameez with a brown waistcoat for men.



Another timeless color combo that always impresses! These two dark solid colors are quite popular when it comes to men’s wear. Whether you are choosing a traditional look or

Outfit Idea:

Blue and black color combination suit for men.  



Who says pink is a color that only women can wear? This summer color is a great choice for casual shirts for men. Pair it with a beige color and you get yourself a refreshing outfit for a day out with friends or a relaxed business lunch!

Outfit Idea:

Light Pink casual dress shirt with beige pants.



Grey is a subtle color that somehow enhances any other color. Black is an all-rounder color that goes well with almost anything! These two make a great color combination for men, especially, black and grey suits, and even for traditional clothing.

Outfit Idea:

Classic black shalwar kameez paired topped with a grey waistcoat.


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