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Article: How To Choose The Perfect Waistcoat

Best Waistcoat for Men | Vohra & Saigol

How To Choose The Perfect Waistcoat

Waistcoats for men have a long history, which is said to have been invented from the time of the British ruler, King Charles. There have been many variations in the length, styles and types of waistcoats. Back in the day, men of high class and power wore waistcoats. 

Waistcoats remain a piece of clothing representing class and elegance – perfect for any formal occasion or event. This is why it is regarded as a staple and a popular clothing item every man should have in their wardrobe!



When choosing a waistcoat, find below a few factors you should pay attention to:



It is essential to have the right length waistcoat - in proportion to your shirt and trousers. Just as the name suggests a waistcoat should cover the waistband.

 It is best to know your size and measurements as this depends on your height and torso length. Some men also prefer that the bottom button stays undone when worn so keep that in mind too.



You should have enough room for your armholes when wearing a waistcoat. This is important so that you can move your arms freely and it is comfortable if you get up or sit down.



If you are someone who likes to carry things inside your pocket, then find a waistcoat with pockets. Or you can choose one and keep a pocket square for an enhanced look. 

At Vohra and Saigol, we have different waistcoats that come with wallet pockets on the bottom and a pocket on the left side of the chest area so you can accompany it with a pocket square for a pop of color!


Waistcoats in colors such as black, blue and brown typically pair well with all sorts of dress shirts and shalwar kameez. They provide versatility and a fresh look. However, you can choose bright colors for your festive occasions such as weddings.



Ready to choose the perfect waistcoat for your upcoming special occasion or as a part of your business attire? Shop online or in stores from our waistcoat collection with diverse colors, patterns and textures.

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