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Article: How to Master the Art of Wearing a 3-Piece Suit for Men

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How to Master the Art of Wearing a 3-Piece Suit for Men

When you think of the word ‘classy’ for men, a three-piece suit comes to mind. A standard 3-piece suit consists of a typical suit jacket, waistcoat or a vest with dress pants, worn as a formal attire.

Here is a complete guide to wearing a 3-piece suit for men. Read below as we will discuss where this 3-piece suit idea originated from, types of waistcoats, when and how to wear them.


It is said that the 3-piece suit first came to place in Great Britain during the reign of King Charles II in 1966. He introduced it into the dress code of the Royal Court. The aim of the invention of a waistcoat was to reinvent men’s fashion.

The original full suit consisted of a long wool vest with a knee-length coat and stockings. However, over the decades, the vest (aka waistcoat) and coat became shorter and the stockings were replaced by trousers, becoming the iconic three-piece suit that is popular today.

During the Industrial revolution in England, 3 -piece suits instantly became an epitome of class and fame as several businessmen wore these as a sign of wealth and power. And even now, they hold their reputation and never go out of style. Men wear these suits because they want to look sophisticated and stand out from the crowd.

Be sure to you get the proper fitting and a colour that suits you. Here at Vohra & Saigol, we can help you do so!



This is an essential part of wearing a suit as it brings the whole classy and stylish look in place. If your suit has poor fitting, then chances are it won’t look nice. Which is why the best way to make sure that the fit is right is by getting custom-made suits according to your size.

Quality of Fabric

Since 3-piece suits are worn on formal, rare occasions you can invest on it. There should be at least one 3-piece suit that you own. Make sure to buy a good quality fabric or shop the suit from brands such as Vohra & Saigol who provide excellent men’s fashion suits, with a range of top-quality fabrics available in different colours. For suits, special fabrics such as linen or tweed look the best, whether you prefer a plain suit or with some patterns or design!

Colour Scheme

This is a key element in wearing a suit. Typically, the suit jacket, vest and dress pants are of the same colour, although they may differ in pattern. You should go for colours that complement you but note that a darker shade such as blue, black or brown always looks more formal whereas lighter colors give off a more casual vibe. Your bow tie can always be of a different colour or pattern, as long as it ties the whole look! 

Matching Accessories

While these are optional - since a 3-piece suit itself serves as a statement, the right matching accessories can really elevate your whole look. From cufflinks to a pocket square, you can shop the perfect matching accessories at Vohra and Saigol. It can really complete your whole look, especially with a plain suit!



While a 2-piece suit is good enough, the vest somehow adds the perfect final look to an elegant outfit which makes it even more formal-appropriate outfit. A 3-piece suit is the perfect suit for rare occasions. Here we are talking about important, formal occasions or events, such as on your wedding or someone close one’s wedding, an important office event or a special occasion such as an anniversary dinner. Other unique occasions where you can wear it include theatre, opera and races. 


First let’s end the confusion here. It is known as a ‘vest’ in North America while the British have always called it a waistcoat and it is commonly known as that. It is said that the word ‘waistcoat’ came from the cutting of the coat at waist-level.

While these both are similar in design, waistcoats are regarded as more formal than vests.

There have been several types of waistcoats over the centuries:

  • Shoehorn shaped dinner waistcoat - this covers the shirt between the belt & the dinner jacket button
  • Single breasted waistcoat - a popular choice; it has a pointed edge that lengthens the look of the torso
  • Double-breasted waistcoat – this has 8 buttons on it; this gives off a more vintage look

While the most commonly worn waistcoat features 5 to 6 buttons with points, it is sold worldwide in retail shops. You can also find it at Vohra & Saigol.

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