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Article: How to Elevate Your Style with a Waistcoat for Men

Waistcoat For Men

How to Elevate Your Style with a Waistcoat for Men

When we think of menswear, a lot of fashion items have come and go but if we talk about vintage men’s fashion, a waistcoat surely comes in mind. It gives off a classic look that never goes out of style. A timeless piece that is suitable for men of all ages; it can be worn to a range of occasions and styled in different ways.

Whether you are wearing a waistcoat as a part of a 3-piece suit or on its own with a traditional outfit underneath such as shalwar kameez, here are different ways you can style a waistcoat, when and where to wear it and a little backstory about the origins of a waistcoat!

The general rule for wearing a waistcoat is that it is always buttoned as it is was invented this way. However, you can always leave the last button open, especially if you need some space while getting up or lifting your arms! 

Different ways you can style a waistcoat

3-piece suit

First, we will talk about the iconic 3-piece suit look which cannot be complete without a waistcoat or a ‘vest’ as referred to in some parts of the world. A 3-piece suit is typically worn at formal events such as weddings or important corporate events. Some people such as lawyers in big firms wear it as a regular office attire while other occasions where a 3-piece suit may be worn include theatre, opera and races.

While a waistcoat is typically worn as a part of a 3-piece suit, is regarded as a winter outfit especially in South Asian countries such as Pakistan where there are extreme summer temperatures. However, with the choice of the right material, you can wear it all year round, of course, at your important and special occasions. For winters, you can opt for fabric such as tweed or cord while for the summer season, linen or cotton is best suited.

Solo waistcoat

You can always go with a solo waistcoat option if you think its too hot for a blazer/coat or you just don’t to wear a whole 3-piece suit but still want a classy look. A waistcoat on its own can really serve a look if its styled well.

A traditional waistcoat look with a pair of shalwar kameez is the perfect outfit for different wedding occasions. For a groom, a more stylish waistcoat can be worn with patterns or designs. You can find a range of colors and patterns in waistcoats at Vohra & Saigol!

Moreover, you can wear your favorite pair of jeans or matching pants with a waistcoat. A full sleeve or half sleeve shirt can be worn underneath – there are just endless options with a solo waistcoat!

Colors of a waistcoat depend on the season or the time of the day but dark colored or bight waistcoats always give a more formal look while lighter shades are more casual or suited for semi-formal wear.

Several types of waistcoats worn around the world

There have been different kinds of waistcoats worn over the centuries:

  • The most popularly and commonly worn waistcoat is a single-breasted waistcoat. It has 5 to 6 buttons with a pointed edge, you can shop it at Vohra & Saigol in your choice of colour!
  • A shoehorn shaped dinner waistcoat goes above the shirt covering the belt area. It is worn with a dinner jacket only or worn on its own with typically a dress shirt underneath.
  • A double-breasted waistcoat has overlapping flaps with 8 buttons on it, which gives off a super formal look.

History and origin of the waistcoat or vest

The origin of a waistcoat is dated back to the time period of King Charles II. He introduced the waistcoat along with a 3-piece suit. Back in the day, a long wool vest with a knee-length coat and stockings was worn as a 3-piece suit. Over the time, the waistcoat evolved and the coat became shorter while the stockings were replaced with pants.

It was commonly worn by upper class men such as businessmen and politicians. As it gave off a powerful look associated with fame and money.

At Vohra and Saigol, you can find a variety of waistcoat available in different designs and shades for your special occasions. With the above style tips and tricks, you can wear a waistcoat for different formal and semi formal occasions!

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