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Article: Significance of Abaya for Women

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Significance of Abaya for Women


An abaya is a long, flowy robe that extends from the upper body to the toe. It is particularly won in Arab countries and other Muslim countries across the world. It is of great religious significance and also a part of modest clothing for women. In Islam, men and women are supposed to cover themselves appropriately. This is why women wear an abaya to dress modestly and cover themselves well. 


At Vohra and Saigol, you can shop abayas for sale, in a variety of colors – available in an excellent and extensive range of bold and light shades– perfect for every occasion!

Choose an abaya from a variety of embroidery, patterns, and designs. Our abaya collection includes: 

  • All Season Abayas 

This collection consists of abayas that are ideal for all types of weather – made from climate-friendly materials that are breathable and flowy. 

  • Winter Abayas 

With a thick material, our winter abayas are best suited for the cold season. 

  • Premium Abayas 

Our premium abayas are made of top-quality fabrics for your special occasions!

  • Student Abayas 

Our students' abayas are available at affordable rates and have a range of colors and designs to choose from. 

  • Casual Abayas

These are perfect for daily wear - available in modest colors.  


An essential part of an abaya is the hijab. The hijab covers the head which is a thick scarf that is available in plain, solid colors; and different types of fabrics with some hijabs consisting of patterns and light embroidery. The hijab is secured with hijab pins, which can be purchased along with Hijab caps. 

You can find all of these abaya accessories at Vohra and Saigol online and at our retail outlets.

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