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Article: Suit Up for Success: The Ultimate Guide to Affordable Men's Dress Shirts


Suit Up for Success: The Ultimate Guide to Affordable Men's Dress Shirts

A lot of people don’t know this but choosing the right men’s dress shirts involves finding the right fit. This includes the fabric, color, cuffs, collar, buttons, and shirt style, which we will discuss below. A dress shirt is a shirt that contains buttons with long sleeves and a collar – it is different from casual shirts such as polo shirts and t-shirts and is typically worn as a part of formal dressing. A dress shirt is paired with a jacket and tie but worn on its own too.

These have evolved due to their popularity and variation. Dress shirts are now available in an extensive range of colors, fabrics, and styles. Read below for a complete guide to selecting the best dress shirts for men!



The fabric of the shirt is important as you need to wear it according to the season. Thankfully, there are a variety of materials available for dress shirts that go well with the seasons. Some popular choices include oxford, cambric, linen, and cotton. 


Dress shirts back in the day were commonly worn in white color. This is a staple color when it comes to dress shirts that go well with a tie and a jacket. You can choose from other solid colors such as black, blue, and brown – best for formal wear. Or for a casual or vibrant look, you can go with light colors. Choose colors that complement your skin tone!


While plain dress shirts are the safest choice for dress shirts, you can try out patterned dress shirts too. There are different types of patterns such as striped dress shirts – these are the best choice if you are looking to elevate your look but still want a formal look. The most common choice of colors for striped shirts includes black and white stripes but you can also find other colors. Another popular choice for patterned dress shirts is a check shirt. This is more on the casual side – ideal for daily wear and you can play with different colors!


Who knew there was a wide range of colors that could determine your whole look? While a classic collar is a perfect choice, there are specific collars that could enhance your facial features and serve a statement. Some dress shirt collars are also different from the overall shirt color. Types of collars include tab, button-down, and spread collars - which are further divided into semi-spread, British spread, and Italian spread!   


Shirt cuffs comprise button cuffs: one-button or two-button. These are most commonly worn as the wrist is secured with the button/s. Then there are French cuffs – the most formal choice of cuffs out of all. These are typically double cuffs that are folded back and secured with cufflinks. 


This is an underrated aspect of a dress shirt that not many people pay attention to. A classic button has four holes or two holes, while some buttons have special engravings of the brand. However, there is more to it; there are different materials chosen for buttons such as plastic and pearls. While it is not an important feature to consider when choosing the best fit for a dress shirt, you can always know about shirt buttons! 


Searching for the perfect fit? You can shop from a range of budget-friendly and top-quality men's dress shirts online or at Vohra and Saigol retail stores across Pakistan!

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