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Article: Trendy Tops for Girls: Latest Fashion Picks

Tops For Girls

Trendy Tops for Girls: Latest Fashion Picks

On the hunt for some modest yet trendy outfits? We got you covered! Here’s a list of tops for girls that are in style, that can be worn wear to different places and occasions!

In this blog, we will discuss the latest and top picks for girls’ fashion, how to style them and where to wear them.

Monochrome matching top and pants

Also known as Co-Ord sets, these are especially trending and a popular choice around the world. The monochrome look with the same style and the same material/fabric makes it an attractive choice that is stylish and comfortable. These can have buttons or can be without buttons but they typically have full-sleeves– fabric used for summer matching tops and pants include georgette, cotton etc. For winter Co-Ord sets, the top worn is a matching, basic-colored sweater with pants that are made from linen, velvet or wool.

These can be worn as an attire for office or for a lunch/dinner plan – with a pair and heels and some nice accessories. Winter Co-Ord sets are also ideal for lounge wear.

You can find different colors and designs in tops with unique prints and patterns at Vohra and Saigol!

Loose fitted/oversized button-down shirts

Probably the safest option to go with – oversized button-down shirts are trendy with more and more ways of styling them. From basic-colored shirts to striped shirts, there is a lot you can do with a button-down shirt.

A stylish way of wearing them is that you can partially tuck it in (one side is tucked in while the other side hangs out) or all out. These can be paired with straight pants - formal or informal or mom jeans or bootleg jeans, whatever suits you!

It is perfect for office wear topped off with a coat for meetings and also for causal wear with some matching accessories and nice hairdo!

Bold printed tops

For a more decent yet lively look, wearing a printed top can be a smart choice. Printed top with bold colors and patterns. Since these make a statement for themselves, it is best to pair them with neutral bottoms and accessories.

Eastern printed tops are in fashion and they make a great outfit with both jeans and pants! You can find a range of printed tops of your choice at Vohra and Saigol!

Khaki and denim tops

Yes, these old fabrics that were once all the hype have resurfaced! Khaki, a fabric and also the name of the shade is a versatile choice for tops for girls. They can work well as both formal and casual wear. Loose khaki tops and pants make a nice, complete outfit.

Denim has made their way back with a range of ways to wear. Popular denim choices for girls’ fashion include denim tops, jackets and long, denim skirts. 

Whether you are going for a casual style or for a business/office appropriate outfit, you can style these range of trendy tops, whatever way you like!

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