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Article: Waistcoat Designs That Steal the Show

Waistcoat For Men

Waistcoat Designs That Steal the Show

Looking for some unique pieces of men’s clothing? Want to look the best dressed at an important event? We have got you covered!

Read all about waistcoats - the different types of waistcoats out there, how to style them and lastly, where and when to wear them!

What is a Waistcoat and when is it worn?

For all the men out there, if you are looking for men’s fashion piece of clothing that sets you apart from others, go for a waistcoat!

Waistcoats are stylish, fitted sleeveless jackets that are worn over a shirt - with buttons in the front that are usually closed.

Originated as a part of the infamous 3-piece suit in Britain, waistcoats are typically worn at formal or professional settings such as weddings, corporate events, and other important events. While it is most popularly seen as a part of the three-piece suit, there is so much more you can do with a waistcoat!

What are the different types and designs of Waistcoats?

There are a range of types and waistcoat designs around the world with deep rooted origins, dating back to centuries. Waistcoats are versatile and are available in different kinds, designs and patterns – making it a staple item in men’s closet! Take a look at the different types of waistcoats that exist out there:

  • Single-breasted waistcoat – a popular and typical choice for a waistcoat. This common type of waistcoat has around 5 to 6 buttons which can be worn as a part of a casual outfit or as a formal attire. You can find different single-breasted waistcoats at Vohra & Saigol, available in a range of colours and designs for both eastern and western wear!
  • A double-breasted waistcoat is a unique piece of clothing – it has overlapping flaps which has around 6-8 buttons in total on it. This gives off a more formal vibe, best worn at rare, formal occasions.
  • A horseshoe waistcoat is paired with a matching dinner suit jacket and pants. This can be worn with or without a tie, or accompanied by a bow tie.

Waistcoats are also available in different patterns and designs. These patterns may match with the suit being worn or simply just to elevate a plain outfit such as a shalwar kameez or shirt and trousers!

How to style a Waistcoat according to the occasion?

There are many ways to style a waistcoat, depending on the occasion it is being worn at. While waistcoats are best suited for formal occasions, you can also style it for a casual day out.

You can take style inspiration from your favourite celebrities or search on the internet different ways to style a waistcoat, or consult with an experienced retail shop such as at Vohra and Saigol! We can help you choose the right waistcoat for you!   

For a professional look at important meetings or work events or for a trendy yet casual look at a weekend lunch or at your own wedding or someone close’s wedding. You can pair waistcoats with shirt and jeans, coat and dress pants or with a pair of shalwar kameez!

While there are a variety of waistcoats to choose from, with different colors and designs, it is essential to make sure that the fitting of waistcoat is done right in order to pull of the complete look. Moreover, the quality and type of fabric used also matters. Hich is why you need to buy from a trusted retail shop.

Whether it is your own wedding/anniversary or a business event, you can style and stand out wearing a waistcoat of your choice! Shop our collection of men's waistcoats online today!

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