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Article: Virtual Elegance: Explore the World of Menswear with Online Suit Shopping

Formal Shirts for Men

Virtual Elegance: Explore the World of Menswear with Online Suit Shopping

With a variety of men’s dress shirts out there, there is a shirt for every type of occasion. However, it can be difficult and confusing to choose which dress shirt should be worn on which occasion. In this blog, we will discuss the difference between a men’s casual shirt and a formal shirt and where can you find men’s dress shirts for sale online. 


Casual Shirts for Men 

Casual shirts can be worn from day to day, and are worn informally unlike formal shirts that are tucked in. They do not have stiff collars – an example of a casual shirt is a button-down shirt. They are available in different patterns and textures. In contrast to formal shirts, they are somewhat loose-fitted and shorter.

While casual shirts with patterns such as checks can be worn daily, whether you are going outside or staying indoors. It is to be noted that if a casual shirt is paired with the right pieces of clothing, such as wearing jeans/chinos or topped with a blazer, they can elevate your whole look. Additionally, you can wear light-coloured casual shirts to lunch or when visiting family or friends. Light shades can be worn in the daytime, typically in the summer season as they provide a bit more room. Casual shirts are also worn over shorts as a summer vacation attire, popular for men.

Formal Shirts for Men 

A formal dress shirt – as the name suggests is ideal for formal occasions. A formal shirt is typically worn as tucked in and has longer tails, and rigid collars with single or double cuffs. These come in solid colours as the most common choices for dress shirts include white, blue, black and brown. 

Formal shirts are best suited for events such as weddings, corporate events – paired with a suit jacket and tie, and other occasions such as anniversaries, polo events, operas, etc.

A formal shirt is a staple item that should be part of every man’s wardrobe. It is best to have a few solid-coloured dress shirts so that you are set for any type of official occasion. 

You can find both casual shirts and formal dress shirts at Vohra and Saigol. these are available in a range of colours and designs, fit for every sort of occasion!

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