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Article: 10 Ways to Instantly Upgrade Your Style Game with Vohra and Saigol Dress Shirts

Dress Shirts for Men

10 Ways to Instantly Upgrade Your Style Game with Vohra and Saigol Dress Shirts

Looking for ways to level up your style game? Want to upgrade your wardrobe? We have rounded up the perfect tips and style hacks for men. And don’t worry, we are not talking about anything over the board, just some cost-effective and simple ways to style up your look with the ultimate clothing item - men's dress shirts! 

Wear a cardigan with your favorite dress shirt 

One of the simplest yet effective ways to style your plain dress shirt is to wear a cardigan above it. While a suit jacket is best worn with a dress shirt for formal occasions such as weddings etc. If you are searching for some unique piece of clothing to style your dress shirt, wear a solid colour cardigan such as in black, blue or white to enhance your look. You can wear this to a lunch or dinner or a semi-formal gathering.

Always iron your dress shirt 

You do not want those creases on your dress shirt, especially when you are going out. Your whole look depends on how well you carry yourself. This is why, you should always make sure that your dress shirt is ironed well!

Avoid wearing loose-fitted shirts 

Find your fit – a shirt that complements your figure. Loose-fitted and baggy shirt defies the whole purpose of wearing a classic dress shirt. Make sure that the dress shirt is of your size and with the correct measurements.

You can find slim fit, custom fit and tailored fit dress shirts at Vohra and Saigol. 

Tuck in your dress shirt for formal occasions

For formal gatherings, make sure that you tuck in your dress shirt so that you look classy and presentable. A dress shirt is paired well with a suit jacket for important occasions such as weddings, and corporate events. You can complete your tucked-in shirt look with a belt and formal trousers.

On the other hand, for your casual gatherings, you can wear a dress shirt without tucking it in and even pair it with a classic pair of jeans!

Wear matching accessories to elevate your look

Matching accessories serve a statement look and elevate your whole outfit. It is all about pairing them well. For men, accessories such as cufflinks, ties, pocket squares and even waistcoats are some options that go well with men's dress shirts. You can find all of these accessories at Vohra and Saigol!

Don’t go over your budget 

Lastly, you do not need to purchase dress shirts from high-end international brands to make sure you look good. You can simply find quality material dress shirts at Vohra and Saigol, available in a wide range of solid colours and patterns that are perfect for every type of occasion! You can shop online or visit one of our retail stores across Pakistan!

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