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Article: Explore Style: Shalwar Kameez Collection for Men

Shalwar Kameez For Men

Explore Style: Shalwar Kameez Collection for Men

A key item of traditional clothing for men is a pair of shalwar kameez. A shalwar kameez is the most versatile and classic attire for men’s ethnic wear. Its diversity is what makes it so special. A shalwar kameez is perfect for any type of occasion such as formal events, casual meetings, wedding events, or some corporate events. It levels up any look and appearance, irrespective of the occasion.

For the ultimate shalwar kameez collection for men, there should be a shalwar kameez of every solid color. For the definitive guide to the different styles of shalwar kameez, read more below! 


The lower part of the outfit. This goes all the way from the waist to the ankles. There are different types of shalwars from traditional to modern styles.   

Particularly worn in South Asia, there are 2 popular styles of shalwar kameez for both formal and daily wear. 


This is the most trending style of shalwar that is typically worn underneath a short kameez. These are straight bottoms that are inspired by Western-style pants with a buttoned, elastic waistband.

Punjabi Style

The most popular and original style of shalwar. This goes with almost all types of kameez with comfortable wear with quite some room.


The upper part of the outfit. There are variations to a kameez from the fabric to the length and the fit. 


The length of a kameez differs with style. There are ankle-length kameez and short knee-length kameez. Additionally, there are plain kameez and more festive, designed kameez with embroidery and patterns.

Neckline and Collar Styles

The neckline and the type of collar also distinguish a shalwar kameez. There are a variety of plain and simple collar styles such as spread collars, soft round, or band/mandarin traditional collars. Additionally, you can also find embroidery work around the collars.


There are roughly three types of fits for men’s shalwar kameez. 

  • Tailored Fit
  • Slim fit
  • Regular Fit

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