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Article: Demystifying Georgette Fabric: A Buyer's Guide

Georgette Hijab Scarves | Vohra & Saigol

Demystifying Georgette Fabric: A Buyer's Guide


Georgette fabric is a woven, lightweight silk fabric that is semi-sheer with a slightly wrinkled surface. It can be dyed in various colors, also a popular choice for printing.

This silk crêpe fabric type was first discovered in France in the 20th century by a French dressmaker, Georgette de la Plante. Since then, it has become an epitome of women’s fashion, specifically used for formal clothing dresses.


  1. Lightweight fabric - this is an all-climate friendly, fine, silk fabric that is especially breathable and flowy.

It is to note that Georgette fabric is also made using synthetic fibers – a different texture than the original silk fabric which is less breathable and lightweight.

  1. Crinkly texture – this crepe silk fabric has a slightly puckered look, due to the use of tightly twisted yarns in the weave.
  2. Semi-sheer fabric - georgette is a translucent fabric, but less sheer than a similar choice of fabric, chiffon. 
  3. Beautiful drape – this flowy fabric has a nice drape that layers well, specifically for dresses and sarees. It can be added over other solid fabrics for an attractive look.
  4. Dyed easily – this fabric can be easily dyed in several colors, with a range of shades and patterns.
  5. Tear-resistant – although lightweight, georgette is made with tight yarn twists making it a strong fabric which cannot be teared easily.


  • Dresses - it is an ideal fabric for making dresses. Having a nice drape that suits all body types, georgette fabric is used for bridal wear, evening gowns, and formal occasions. Georgette fabric dresses can be made into different cut such as A-line, flare, wrap and pleated, dresses.
  • Hijab – this fine, quality fabric that does not slip at all, making it an excellent choice for hijab wear. Having a light weight feeling and breathable texture, it is suitable for the summer season.
  • Sarees – for silk sarees, georgette fabric is a good option, as the fabric layers beautifully and the drape helps when the saree is wrapped. Moreover, it can be dyed in different colors and prints.
  • Home decor – apart from being a top clothing material, georgette fabric can also be used for home décor items such as pillow covers, table cloths etc.


  • When washing, wash with cold water and a mild detergent in cold water.
  • Soak the clothing item and evenly distribute the detergent.
  • For any excess water, squeeze the cloth.
  • Avoid stretching or pulling the fabric.
  • Lay it flat when drying.

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